Before the massage

Before the massage 1

Before the massage

When you make an appointment, be aware that I will need 20 minutes before the actual massage to set up a conducive environment for it. A wide and quiet room would be best to install the massage table. The room should be heated beforehand, preferably around 28 degrees celsius – The relaxation process goes along with a body temperature drop – Anyway, I bring with me a fan heater. Finally, we could give the room an appropriate ambiance with subdued lighting according to your preferences.

Before the message

Before beginning, we will need to discuss your medical background (potential illnesses, allergies, or recent fever) so that I am aware of your specific needs. It is also important for me to understand your expectations; whether you prefer soft or strong pressure, depending on the more or less sensitive areas of your body.

Before the massage 2

Before the massage

Once we have finished setting up, you will be able to choose your own music to suit the massage session. (Selection of music includes World Music, Jazz, Classical, Blues/Folk, Electro)

.Now that everything’s ready, it’s time to relax!

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