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About myself

About myself

1) Détente et Vous magazine : Who are you Antoine ?

I am a simple, natural and respectful 35 year-old man. I’ve been working in the health sector for ten years, particularly at the Sport clinic of Bordeaux where I developed my knowledge of the human body and its mechanisms. At some point, I decided to take another turn and make a living from one of my passions, which is why I began working as a home masseur. As ecology is also important to me, I choose to get around by delivery tricycle.



About myself 2) Détente et Vous magazine : Why did you choose to become a masseur ?

My profession is based on a true philosophy of well-being through the sense of touch. According to me, it is the less developed sense in the modern Occidental world despite it being a genuine non-verbal means of communication; a way to receive that connects body and spirit.

In Eastern civilizations, massages are a very frequent practice, sometimes on a daily basis and are also used to prevent illnesses. It strengthens the organism and helps fight internal injuries. I aim to convey the message that people need to take care of both their mental and physical well-being.




About myself 3) Détente et Vous magazine : How did you adapt massage techniques to your practice ?

My goal is to develop a more humane approach to my practice as these days people tend to become withdrawn with themselves, or even with their digital selves–these tactile interfaces end up becoming a substitute for the real sense of touch. To me, the selection of traditional Swedish and Indian techniques is really interesting because of their differences and complementarities. For example, the Swedish massage suits people who sit at a desk all day and often suffer from chronic back pain. I also recommend it to those who are constantly exerting themselves physically and sometimes forget to rest. As for others, distress and mental fatigue result in a need for mental relaxation. The abhyanga massage is much more suitable for this type of person as it takes place in silence and uses warm oil.

I hope to offer both relaxation techniques to best adapt to people’s varying needs.



About myself


4) Détente et Vous magazine : What are the advantages of a massage made at home ?

Well, the first advantage is that it allows you to make the most of the relaxation time that the massage provides. On one hand, a familiar place like home instills confidence and healing, enabling relaxation. On the other hand, it is a way to keep calm after the session or to go back to other activities after having recharged one’s batteries.

There is no loss of time going to or back home from a massage parlor. There is no time constraint. It also avoids commuting or driving after a long relaxation session




About myself

5) Détente et Vous magazine : Is it very different from a getting a massage in a beauty parlor or spa ?

Yes, indeed, it is quite different. Massage sessions in beauty parlors are often more expensive. However, they provide other benefits like a spa, a jacuzzi or a sauna. You can also purchase products and have a tea after the session.

However, when I asked for the opinions of people I have massaged, they told me that when you go to a beauty parlor, you don’t necessarily know who your masseur will be and above all if the results will leave you feeling good.

My chosen modes of communication via my website or facebook page allows everybody to get information about my massage techniques and above all…about le masseur!



6) Détente et Vous magazine : This appropriately leads me to the following question: why should people choose you ?

It would be very pretentious to answer this question. I base my practice on people’s opinions after they have received a massage and on my own experience of being massaged.

Being a man has several benefits. First, our hands are bigger, hence more enveloping. Secondly, I also use my arms. Most often, men’s hands are warmer than women’s, which is an advantage for massaging!

Finally, massaging is a passion for me and this positively impacts the quality of my practice. Hopefully I can convey this passion to the people I massage as I consider it a communicative art.

7) Détente et Vous magazine: What do you do to make the most of your health ?

To be honest, I do simple things. I try to be conscious of my own breathing as much as possible. I exercise a little, stretching mostly. Some days, I only need five to ten minutes. I drink a lot of water. During the day, I put some music on but sometimes I listen to the silence.

8) Détente et Vous magazine : Any last words to conclude ?

I believe that relaxation massage is currently evolving and I wish to be a part of this positive change at my humble level.

About myself


About myself   About myself

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