Swedish Massage

Swedish massage 1

Massage suédois

The real origin of this practice dates back to the Middle Ages. However, it is only during the 19th Century that Pehr Heinrick Ling established the basis of the Swedish massage. This complete technique relieves the entire body and involves accurate work focusing on areas of tension and on the muscles that are the most loaded.

The Swedish massage allows the lymphatic drainage of the system and fights against toxins around nerve points. It leads to better blood circulation, an increase in vitality and the regeneration of muscles. Moreover, the skin is rehydrated and firmed.

The session lasts 90 minutes and provides physical relaxation. It also develops body flexibility and brings on a feeling of lightness.

Swedish Massage 2

Massage suédois

Sweet almond oil was used in Antitiquity by Egyptian women to make massage ointments. Nowadays, it is well-known for its softening and emollient properties that activate skin repair.

Swedish Massage (1h1/2): 70 euros

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