After the massage

After the massage 1

After the massage

Each person reacts differently to massages depending on their moral or physical state. You may expect varied reactions such as an increase in appetite, feelings of fatigue or muscles soreness the day after. However, in most cases, people feel lighter and more flexible afterwards. Headaches, backaches and muscular tension in the shoulders and neck are relieved.

There are also benefits for the spirit, since the massage increases our consciousness of emotions, enhances self-esteem and confidence and relieves stress and anxiety. Getting a massage on a fairly regular basis is an effective way to prevent diseases and maintains energy balance.

After the massage, it is best to drink a lot of water. The massage touches nerve points, also called dots, which frees the toxins that are then drained by the lymphatic system. Drinking enough water will help accelerate this process.

After the massage 2

After the massage

Warning: This massage cannot be considered a medical act or a substitute to massage therapy or osteopathy.


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